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Appliance Colors

Living a Colorful Life: A Growing List of Appliance Options

Appliance Colors: Range, Hood, Salamander and Refrigerator by BlueStar
Range, Hood, Salamander and Refrigerator by BlueStar

Color dramatically enriches our lives -- and we see it daily from sunrise to sunset. So, why not bring the great visual feeling we experience into our homes, kitchens and laundry rooms with a colorful statement? Today's appliance manufacturers understand that many homeowners are seeking to bring additional personality and energy into their homes and lives -- just as they do with their vehicles and wardrobe. Among homeowners, interior designers and manufacturers, color has become a major innovation for the decade and beyond.

Today's color palettes vary from bold to the sublime -- and every shade in between. Homeowners can select the perfect color to complement their cabinets, flooring, backsplash and countertops.

Appliance Colors: Colors by Viking
Colors by Viking

Consider a red range and accompanying hood set among white cabinets and a stunning marble or quartz countertop. The combination can be breathtaking. When thinking about colors, consider all hues, tints, tones, and shades as your selection can make a statement.

Appliance Colors: Range by KitchenAid
Range by KitchenAid

For example, darker colors feel luxurious and sophisticated and are perfect for any contemporary, Parisian or Scandinavian design. White or lighter colors often evoke a casual or everyday feeling ideal for a traditional or cottage home. Bold colors such as cobalt convey a sense of confidence and reliability perfect for a modern, southwestern or Mediterranean style.

Appliance Colors: Range by Viking
Range by Viking

And softer greens, blues and yellows perfectly reflect the casual elegance of our Lowcountry lifestyle.

Unlike selecting colors for your home's exterior, you have complete control over the color of your appliances within your kitchen, office, media room or laundry room.

Appliance Colors: Refrigerator by Smeg
Refrigerator by Smeg

Appliance Colors: Washer and Dryer by GE
Washer and Dryer by GE

Today's colorful appliances are just as durable as stainless steel. Harnessing the toughness of enamel, appliances of any color are easy to clean and able to withstand dropped pots or utensils to resist dents, chips or scratches. Of course, they also resist fingerprints and show beautifully to guests, family and friends.

If you're concerned that your color preference may change over time, manufacturers have thought of that, too. Some manufacturers provide "skins" allowing you to change the color of your appliances without having to replace them.

Appliance Colors: Range by CornuFé
Range by CornuFé

"With the wide variety of appliance colors available today, homeowners can realize virtually any vision they have for their kitchen, laundry or any room in the home," said Brantley King, President of BWA.

If subtlety is your game, many manufacturers enable you to change knob and pull colors which can produce a distinctive look via a pop of color.

Refrigerator, Freezer and Wine Column by True

Whichever path you choose, just remember it is always easier to change your appliances than your cabinets, flooring or countertops.

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