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Appliance Installation

Factory-Certified Installation Adds Years to Your Appliances

Appliance Installation

When you're thinking of buying new appliances, who installs them is just as important as where they were purchased. So valuable is installation by factory-certified professionals, most manufacturers will add years to the warranty at no cost to the homeowner.

The installation of your new appliances is often overlooked during the purchase process. Installers are the skilled professionals who literally bring your kitchen, laundry room or outdoor environment to life.

Appliance Installation

Installers enable you to cook wonderful family meals, keep the drinks cold, and streamline the dishwashing and post-meal clean-up process.

All too often the installation process is outsourced to a third-party as a "necessary evil" to capture the sale.

With today's high-tech appliances, the proper installation by factory-certified teams is vital to the operation and longevity of your investment. Appliances need to be perfectly level, centered in their openings to allow proper airflow, connected to the Internet, and properly secured to water, gas and electrical sources.

Appliance Installation

A professional installer will pre-measure appliance openings, verify outlet locations, and ensure the proper installation of shutoffs -- all before the appliances are removed from the delivery vehicle.

Before installing your appliances, you should expect that your installers will protect your hardwood and tile floors, remove tool belts and wear protective foot coverings.

Importantly, they will carefully inspect your new appliances as they unpack them -- leaving only the protective film and any corner protectors for the final journey into your home. Appliances should always be moved through the home using suitable hand-trucks, and they should be set into position -- never slid to avoid scratches.

"Your factory-certified installation team should be experienced and able to speak the language of plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers and countertop professionals so they can identify issues and suggest alterations before your appliances are installed," said Brantley King, co-owner of BWA. "As we have been selling and installing appliances within Hilton Head and the greater Bluffton area for more than four decades, we know all of these contractors, and we have great relationships with every one of them."

Appliance Installation

A factory certified installer will also power up the appliance, run it through a complete cycle and monitor diagnostics to ensure the appliance and the installation are perrrrrrrfect -- delivering life-long service. So valuable is the installation by a factory-certified installer, many manufacturers will extend the warranty by one, two or even three years at no additional charge to the homeowner.

A professional factory-certified installation team will leave your home cleaner than they found it. There will be no floor scratches, wall mars, Styrofoam, tape or cardboard to deal with -- only a beautifully functioning kitchen, laundry room or outdoor environment for you to enjoy for years to come.

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