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Appliance Shopping

Appliance Selection and Shopping, BWA Style

Exceptional Shipping Experience

Selecting the right appliance is about the experience -- the opportunity to ask questions and hear the answers from local experts

When you want or need new appliances, it's not always about the stove, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer or the dryer itself. Selecting the right appliance is about the experience -- the opportunity to ask questions and hear the answers from experts, the ability to envision how your appliances will look in your home before making the purchase, and the ability to try before you buy.

For just these reasons, BWA has opened a new store in Bluffton. Dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience, BWA Bluffton has 14 functional kitchens within their new showroom. Each kitchen displays appliances from leading manufacturers surrounded by quality cabinets, the latest countertops, exquisite backsplashes and exceptional lighting. And not only do the appliances look great, they operate.

Exceptional Shipping Experience

The live kitchen settings uniquely enable homeowners to touch and try -- experiencing all of the latest appliance features. By seeing the appliances in action, buyers can determine which features are must-haves and which are nice-to-haves.

Beyond experiencing the ease of door opening, size and proportions, buyers can come prepared with their pans to compare gas and electric induction cooktops. They can also feel temperature zones within the latest refrigerators as well as the drafting power of different range hoods.

Exceptional Shipping Experience

"The experience at BWA creates a more informed buyer -- and a happier homeowner," said Brantley King, co-owner of BWA. "We guarantee you'll learn more in one hour within our showroom than twenty hours researching appliances on the internet or within a big box store."

The team at BWA knows everything there is to know about appliances and which brands, models and sizes will best meet your particular needs. In fact, each of our showroom consultants have more than ten years within the appliance business -- and they provide answers faster than Google and with more insight than Watson (IBM's deep learning computer).

Exceptional Shipping Experience

How do we know? We've been exclusively focused upon selling appliances for nearly four decades -- and that's all we do. With our new showroom in Bluffton, we can help more homeowners and builders select the right appliances for their needs and their budget. We carry more than 50 brands ranging from A to Z –well from AGA and Amana to Wolf, XO and Zephyr.

With our live kitchens, BWA Bluffton is also the ideal location for builders from Savannah to Charleston to experience appliances with their clients. We'll share the latest advancements in kitchen, laundry and outdoor appliances in a relaxed, touch-and-try, hands-on environment.

And after your purchase, the experience doesn't end there. Our factory-trained installers will ensure your appliances arrive on time, are properly connected, expertly aligned and perfectly level. And when BWA installs particular brands, the manufacturer's warranty is extended by two additional years -- all at no charge to the homeowner.

Exceptional Shipping Experience

If you're considering new appliances or are simply curious, we encourage you to visit our BWA Bluffton showroom at 1223 May River Road on Mondays through Fridays from 9AM to 5PM.

You'll be surprised with what you see, how much you'll learn and how helpful a shopping experience can be.